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Welcome Laurel City Program Participant
Register Here for the 2013 Fall Cheerleading Season!
* Please do not proceed unless you have been issued a voucher from the City of Laurel *

*Participant's First Name:                     *Participant's Last Name:
*State:                 *Zip Code:
Height: (ex: 5ft 6in)                 Weight:

*Birth Date (yyyy-mm-dd):

*Current School:
*Current Grade Level:
*Participant has had a physical within the last 12 months.
Referred by someone?
Referral Name:
*Has player participated in any other Football program(s)?
If "YES", please list the name of the organization:
(Contact must be 21 years of age .)
*Parent/Guardian(1) First Name:
*Parent/Guardian(1) Last Name:
*Email address:
*Home Phone:            *Cell Phone:         Work Phone:
Parent/Guardian(2) First Name:
Parent/Guardian(2) Last Name:
Email address:
Home Phone:             Cell Phone:            Work Phone:
Any Special Requirements or Notes:
*I grant permission to my child or ward to participate in cheerleading and assume all risks and hazards incidental to participation, including transportation to and from activities. I also agree to perform volunteer duties as requested by UNITY coaches and administrators. I grant permission to UNITY officials to consent to emergency treatment for my child until a legal guardian can be contacted. I agree to pay the cost of any lost equipment and/or uniform issued to my child or me by UNITY. In addition, I have read and understood the "The 2012 Cheerleading Information Packet".


My child is a participant in the Laurel City voucher program, and I have adhered to all the requirements for voucher usage. I hereby authorize UNITY Thunder, Inc. to redeem my voucher for all registration fees pursuant to the program for which I am registering.

Voucher/ Program Number: